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Home is where the Heart is



A collaboration with Home Club (Singapore) which started back at the beginning of 2012, I was seeking subject matter for a portraiture series and I thought why not look at my surroundings to find it. I was a regular patron to this place called Home Club, knowing the owners well I asked their permission to document the talents that come through the doors internationally and locally in the electronic genre nights. They were so accommodating about the project and I wanted to solidify the concept by making the output a portraiture book in which I have not published a book prior to this project, challenge accepted. 


The book mimics a school yearbook style and was captured in that manner as well. Just about every other weekend I was down at the club, created a makeshift studio space within one of the mall's hallways. Equipped with one studio strobe, the off-white wall as a backdrop, and my camera... I captured the individuals at about 5 minutes max per person usually right before their sets. In exchange for their time, I gave them digital files of retouched images for them to use to promote themselves & their music. Editing the book with my designer, SIti was a majorly tedious task with only two of us getting the info and putting the book together, when it was finally sent to the print it was a feeling like no other.


Presented in an embossed 8.5” x 11” hardback, the book pays homage to the characters that have performed, inspired, and entertained through the duration of 2012. Captured through the eye of Olivia Sari-Goerlach and with an unprecedented level of intimacy, the portraits reveal the personality, sentiment, and presence of both the club’s international guests and local artists.


Art Direction & photography: OSG
Graphic Designer: Siti Nurfaizah


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