Olivia Sari-Goerlach Photographer

Olivia Sari-Goerlach is a Photographer with a passion for capturing images, she specializes in portraiture, documentary & food photography along with food styling. Having a background in graphic design and photojournalism, it has influenced her photographic aesthetic, She started out her career in 2010 working for an established portraiture studio in Sydney where she fell in love with portraiture. Based in Singapore between 2011 and 2016, she continued to practice her photography, took on interesting projects and with a keen interest in collaborations with other creatives. She was a Canon Pixma ambassador for Singapore in a Canon Asia Campaign (2014-2015) highlighting her work in food photography. OSG have been based in British Columbia since 2016 working in Vancouver and its surrounding areas and has been working on a creative project with her partner called MNSTR Gallery curating and creating art. See it here on mnstrgallery.com

Her personal work, #graphicallyspeaking_ a photography + illustration portraiture project where she collaborated with 27 visual artists based in Singapore + Vancouver. To see it, click here: #graphicallyspeaking_


On a personal level of her photography work, she continues to photograph portraits of local and international performers. She self published a book in 2013 on her black & white portraiture series called "The Home Club Portraiture Project" (facebook.com/homeclubpp). #DTWselects is mixed media series with Darker than Wax combining independent music and portraiture of the selectors. Currently she is focusing on more documentary work, volunteered her time at the Kansas City Community Kitchen in the kitchen and also documented the process of the organization during her travel to North America..Click 'Personal work' for more...


For collaborations, commissioned work, consultation inquiries or just to touch base, kindly leave a message in the CONTACT section.