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From 2016-2017, I volunteered at Growing Chefs Vancouver, was very interested in what they were doing to educate children about gardening and cooking, important things for young minds to get familiarised with I feel. I documented their classroom experiences in a couple of elementary schools as well as contributing visuals to market out their annual fund raiser that involves amazing food with well known Vancouver Chefs called 'From Farm to Forks'. The culinary event is held at a culinary school (PICA) where guests are free to roam around from kitchen to kitchen to see the chefs creating their dishes, and have a chat with the Chef while you're there.. it has a great casual vibe. I planned out a series of images for each of the participating Chefs, documenting the fresh ingredients (provided by the local farmers), the making of the dish, the finished dish and also the Chef's portrait. I shot on location at the chef's respective restaurants and kept the consistency in the images with my studio light and focusing on the beautiful food and the people who created it. Here are the images from the 2 years that I volunteered my photography work.


Growing Chefs is a non-profit organization that pairs chef volunteers with elementary school classrooms to give students hands-on experience growing, and cooking their own food. Please check out GROWING CHEFS

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