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The BeaYOUtiful Story

2016 felt like the year of non-profits in my personal work, actively looking for organizations that are close to my heart... moving to Vancouver has been a big change for me especially with my photography work, having worked in Asia for the last 5 years non stop and finding small pockets of time to work on my personal projects. Now, the luxury of time is with me and I wanted to help non profits with their imagery through photography and art direction. One of the non profits that I found in Vancouver is called the BeaYOUtiful Org where they educate young girls to have a healthy perception of what real beauty is about and building their self esteem through activities and mentorship. 

I was invited to be a guest speaker to a group located in Maple Ride, BC where I shared a personal story about the challenges that I faced when I was diagnosed with lupus (SLE) when i was at the age of 13, a discussion was encouraged to share their own stories of challenges that they were currently facing and ended the session with a natural beauty photo shoot where the girls can be free infront of the camera, no retouch required. There is just something about photographing children when they are having fun, their expressions so genuine with happiness. It was a touching experience for me to be involved with this organization and hopefully will be a mentor to a group of girls in the future. Sharing my favorite photos from the session.

"BeaYOUtiful is a non-profit program that was initially established in January 2012.      

Reaching out to young girls between the ages of 8-14, this organization provides mentorship programs for those struggling with confidence, lacking self-esteem, or simply looking to build a more positive outlook. BeaYOUtiful works directly with schools and diverse communities throughout greater Vancouver, providing a safe and fun environment for girls enrolled in the after school program. BeaYOUtiful implements programs at community facilities and schools, allowing the opportunity for a brighter future to be accessible to anyone. This community recognized program targets and tackles multiple subjects divided over six-weeks. The classes range from learning to balance a healthy lifestyle, dealing with bullying and personal struggles, to the key steps towards setting achievable goals through inspiration."

For more on the BeaYOUtiful Organization

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