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DTW Core Group (Singapore)
Funk B
Samuel Truth (New Zealand)
Archie (Indonesia)
William J
Maxx Mortimer
Marco Weibel


A photography and music collaboration with the crew from Darker than Wax capturing portraits and mixing personal musical selections from the label. #DTWselects is an Instagram exhibition released in the first half of 2015. Now playing is my selection for the #DTWselects : I Rise by Giorgio Oehlers. Check the hashtag on Instagram for the series.


Darker Than Wax are an electronic music label based from the island of Singapore, breaking all bounds and grounds progressing the music scene in their city and influencing globally. They have been tirelessly pushing for diversity in music, proving that categories in music are totally irrelevant and through a growing stable of international artists and selectors, they continue to grow from strength to strength.


More importantly, it is essentially a statement on the pervasiveness of black music and the influence it has had on countless genres and sub genres. A statement that it’s all about bringing it into the future. A statement that music should have depth, and that your racial/genetic/ cultural make-up is irrelevant – only your soul is. 





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